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Singapore Limousine Services

We are a professional limousine services in Singapore. We offers a Limo service in Singapore range of limo services for travel within Singapore. We offer 24/7 transfer and best Limousine services in Singapore such as the Central Business District, for hotels, places of interest and parties.

Old is Gold. And with a reputable brand like Ting Heng Transport, one can only just sit back and marvel at the services and systematic approach this long standing brand has conjured. With over 20 years of Limousine Services experience, coupled with the long standing partnership from prospective partners, Ting Heng Transport has emerged an industry leader with over 50 vehicles in the following industry:


-  4 Seaters Mercedes E-Class & S-Class

-  7 to 13 Seaters Mini Bus

-  6 Seaters Multi-Purpose Vehicle

-  23 to 45 Seaters Coach

-  Limousine Services


Past Accolades:


Being a market leader, Ting Heng undergoes tremendous pressure and expectations from themselves. Iconic brands like Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World Sentosa and Formula 1 Grand Prix have all worked hand in hand with Ting Heng throughout various events. Ting Heng is also the official transportation contractor for government agencies including Singapore Tourism Board, Institute of Engineers Singapore and International Enterprise Singapore.


As one of the top providers of airport transfers in Singapore and Limousine Services, Ting Heng prides themselves on customer retention and assurance of safety environment standards. Ting Heng today remains an established brand ready to serve and assist you in anything you need!

best limo in Singapore
Mercedes S Class
Transfer S$180.00
Arrival S$200.00  
Hourly S$150.00 (min. 4 hours)

Mercedes E Class
Transfer S$55.00
Arrival S$65.00  
Hourly S$55.00 (min. 3 hours)


Mercedes Benz Vito (7-Seater)
Transfer S$70.00
Arrival S$80.00  
Hourly S$60.00 (min. 3 hours)


Alphard (6-Seater)
Transfer S$65.00
Arrival S$70.00  
Hourly S$60.00 (min. 3 hours)


Mini Bus (13-Seater)
Transfer S$70.00
Arrival S$80.00  
Hourly *Special* S$60.00 (min. 3 hours)


Minibus (23 Seater)
Transfer S$120.00
Arrival S$150.00  
Hourly *Special* S$100.00 (min. 3 hours)


Coach (45-Seater)
Transfer S$150.00
Arrival S$200.00  
Hourly S$120.00 (min. 4 hours)



“Welcome to Singapore!” Transfer Services (Meet and Greet Services) 


Limousine Services available in Singapore upon reservation


Imagine this. You have booked your long awaited getaway to your all-time favourite destination by means of a top class airline. You land, pass through customs, wait for your baggage and walk out of the departure area in style. The style doesn’t end here. Even before exiting the departure area, you see from afar a pleasant looking upper class executive dressed to the nines holding a signature board so brightly lit that it may even put the spotlights in an art museum to shame. Next, you notice that undeniably charming smile from him. He reaches out and acknowledges you with a firm handshake. You are next greeted by the most luxurious forms of airport transfers there is in Singapore. The rest is history as you are quickly ushered into the comfort of a limousine with nothing but a heart full or pride and joy.


Q: What if my flight is delayed?


A: Well, there is always Comfort and SMRT Taxis keenly awaiting your arrival!


Just Kidding!


Our patient and kind service chauffeurs would have their eyes glued to the departure and landing time. We are fully aware on the temptations that can be found within the compounds of the duty free shops and we would be more than delighted to allow for a certain amount of waiting time.


Q: I am unable to find the driver!


A: Immediately phone us at +65 9191 4494 without further ado as we are very sure there must be some miscommunication involved which led to the mentioned delay or disappearance of our driver and of course your Limousine Service.


“I’ll be Back Singapore!” Airport Departure 


Same scenario as above, albeit only on a sadder note as it is time to leave the beautiful land of your holiday destination! However, with Ting Heng, expect only the best as we are always punctual and on time with our airport transfers.


Point to Point Transfer 


Now comes the exciting part! Travelling and exploring this new found land that you have just landed in! Be it The Singapore Flyer, Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Zoo or Resorts World Sentosa, our services are and will forever be revolving around the most important asset that even money cannot buy. TIME. Punctuality is in our blood and we are going to ensure you do not miss any of the fascinating shows and sights that Singapore has installed for you!


Wheelchair Patient Service Transfer 


The most beautiful thing in life is having a family enjoy the beauties of a foreign land and not being able to worry about anything. Just basking in the moment. We deeply understand the needs of some of our customers who may be restricted and only able to get around assisted. We have with us a team of drivers who are experienced in handling the logistics of wheelchair guests.  


“Look out! It’s a big item!” Transfer Services


Bringing your wakeboard down for a competition? Or a golf bag? Not to worry and rest easy as Ting Heng is well versed in the fields of all kinds of complex and teething items. Just let us know in advance and we will arrange the necessary transportation for your needs! We are after all the best there is in the business for Limousine Services in Singapore!


Now, what are you waiting for? Stop Dreaming! Let’s turn this into Reality!

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The Singapore Zoo -

The Singapore Zoological Gardens is also locally known as Mandai Zoo. With over 300 different animal species ranging from common rainforest wildlife to threatened and endangered species in the world. We have four exclusive animal shows catering to visitors of all ages. Visit us today to have a feel of the wildlife in our rainforest!


Adventure Cove Waterpark -

With over 20,000 aquatic species and 14 stunning scenes for you and your friends to experience across the Adventure River journey, Adventure Cove Waterpark is one stop you cannot miss. Join us today to enjoy our thrilling water slides, immersive experience with our rays and the most memorable time with your family at the Adventure River.


The Singapore Flyer -

Surrounded by Marina Bay Sands, Marina Floating Platform, Central Business District, you are guaranteed to have a stunning experience at the heart of Singapore. You and your valentine can enjoy an exclusive dinner at 42 storeys high. Call us today to book a capsule of your own!


Singapore Botanic Gardens -

With no admission fees, Singapore Botanic Gardens is the only botanic garden in the world which opens daily from 5am to 12midnight. Expanding to 63.7 hectares, you can find all kinds of flowers at our gardens.


Night Safari -

The world's first wildlife park built exclusively for visitors at night. Night Safari offers a unique experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle. With animals like owls and bats that enjoy Singapore night life just like we do. Enjoy our animal shows and tours at Night Safari today!


Jurong Bird Park -

The idea of a Bird Park in Jurong was first conceived in 1968 by Dr Goh Keng Swee, the then Minister for Finance. During a World Bank Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Dr Goh visited a zoological garden and was impressed with its free-flight aviary.

He saw that Jurong could be more than just an industrial zone for Singaporeans, it could also be where people relax with nature.


Marina Bay Sands (Skypark) -

The three hotel towers are connected by a 340 meter-long sky terrace on the roof that resembles a ship named Sands SkyPark, .  The Skypark is home to restaurants, lush tropical trees and plants and an observation deck, but its highlight is the longest elevated swimming pool in the world, a 150-meter (478-ft.) infinity edged pool, which stands 191 meters from the ground on the 56th floor of the complex building. But do not get too excited, the pool is for exclusive use of the luxury hotel guests.




  • All price are inclusive chauffeur, petrol, ERP and Carpark fee.
  • Minimum hour will be based on the table above.
  • For extension of service, timing above 15 minutues will be billed according to price per hour.
  • Cancellation within 8 hours will be at minimum booking charge.
  • Estimated time of last minute booking arrival for vehicle will be around 20-30 minutues, whereby vehicles provided will be subjected to vehicle's availability.
  • Response time for vehicle exchange due to break down would be about 20-30 minutues or as soon as possible.
  • Peak period charge is available during F1, Aerospace and Chinese New Year.
  • For transfer waiting time that are more than 30 minutues & less than 60 minutues will be charge as 2-way charge.
  • For transfer waiting time that are more than 60 minutues will be charge as Disposal charge.
  • For arrival transfer after flight landed waiting time, if it is more than 60minutues & less than 90 minutues, will be charged  as 2-way  charge.
  • For arrival transfer after flight landed waiting time, if more than 90 minutues, it will be charged as Disposal.
  • Arrival Trnsport Addition $10 per way.
  • Midnight surcharge from 2300 to before 0700 hrs @ $10 per hour or parkoff.
  • We reserve the right to upgrade/change the vehicles with no additional charge.
  • Administration 10% charge paid by credit card
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